Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 30 - Frankfurt Rest Day

I was expecting to get a good nights' sleep in my lower bunk. This wan't the case as there was another guy in our room snoring loudly all night. Hence I woke up later than intended. Had a shower before going back to the room and making a plan for the day. Chris had gotten up earlier than the rest of us (having slept through the other guy's snoring) and had had a look around some of the city already. The first thing we collectively did was go to the bike shop to collect Michelle's Ridgeback. It was a cool shop with loads of expensive road bikes to perv at. One of the Cervelo's was set up on a turbo trainer so I grabbed an aero helmet from the shelf, jumped on and a quick spin - great fun. After a good look at all of the bikes and Michelle getting her bike back I headed off on my own on the hunt for some electrolytes - something I could have done with yesterday. It didn't take long to locate a large sports shop. I purchased a large tub of PowerBar powder that came with a free Tour de France drinks bottle for a bargain 10 euros! The rest of the day was spent getting a much needed haircut, getting the lift up a tall building to see the views from the top with the lads, enjoying a Croatian BBQ/Croatian dancing with everyone in one of the city centre squares, a delightful ice cream at a proper ice cream parlour with Michelle and stopping off at a Thai restaurant for some noodles on the way back. A great day in Frankfurt! We got back to the hostel fairly late and sorted some stuff out ready for the morning, eventually going to bed after midnight.

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