Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 68 - Terminal Day in Casablanca

This was a very boring and uneventful day. We woke up late as there was no reason to get up and very little for us to do in the airport with no money. We took it in turns to go and brush our teeth in the toilets so that one of us was always with all the stuff in our tramp corner. Whilst putting some chocolate spread on bread I dropped the jar causing it to smash. Not wanting to waste anything/not having money for any more food I proceeded to scrape the chocolate spread from the bits of broken glass and onto the remaining bread. This was a slow process but it gave me something to do. I also spent the morning completing a model bike made from cable ties. Some time after this Chris and Tom returned having successfully found an area with wifi. I went to check this out leaving them with the stuff. When I returned they had moved a massive table and Chris was busy making notes on his next trip idea (flying to New Zealand and cycling home). They also tried to download Rush Hour 2 on the Ipad at some stage - it didn't work. We were approached a few times by airport security (the airport was immaculate with cleaners sweeping the floor around the clock) - luckily they were happy to let us stay in the corner when we told them about our flight the next morning. I remember the airport background music being played on loop, one of the songs being a weird version of 'My Heart Will Go On' from Titanic. During the afternoon I spent some time wandering around the airport in search of some free packaging tape for re-taping the bike boxes - I didn't have any luck. I had a walk around outside too but still no luck. Tom managed to buy some somewhere later on so I needn't have worried. We went to bed pretty early.

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