Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 19 - Nykoping to Mjolby

Woke up late again. We suspected that we would be leaving late this morning as the old couple whose garden we were sleeping in had mentioned morning coffee when we'd arrived yesterday. After packing the tents away and petting the horses in the field next to us we went round the front to be greeted with a table full of tea, coffee, bread and jam. Our hosts were very friendly (typical of the Swedish people we had come across so far) and asked us all about the trip. We enjoyed the delightful spread and conversation before using the bathroom (it was a nice to clean our teeth at a sink and see ourselves in a mirror). Very soon after setting off we pedalled into the town of Nykoping where we stocked up at Lidl (this would be the first of many Lidl visits) and stocked up for the day. It was a pretty uneventful day's cycling on average roads. We didn't end up having lunch until 5pm in McDonalds, and ended up pushing on until 12.30am (later than intended but it took us a while to find somewhere suitable to camp). We ended up stealthily pitching in a hostel garden trying not to wake anybody up in the dark. We all agreed we needed to set off earlier tomorrow.

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