Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 52 - Gibraltar rest day

I Successfully woke up before 8, very excited at the prospect of spending my rest day in Gibraltar. I had a great wake-up shower then slobbed around on the lounge area sofas using wifi. Woke the others up at 9 and made a plan of action for the day. Then me and Tom went for fry up at the Marina and took the laundry to laundrette en route. Michelle came along a bit later. Chris stayed in bed. The fry up was the best ever - we sat outside a nice cafe overlooking the water (felt like Canary Wharf). The breakfast was a good size and came with unlimited drinks - worth every penny of the tenner it cost us. After breakfast me and Tom left Michelle to her own devices and went off, collected the laundry and wandered back to the hostel to meet Chris and take the bikes for a service - Chris had previously arranged this with the guy at the bike shop. The only issue I had with the Eastway was the brake pads were making a horrible grinding noise when I squeezed them - I explained this to the mechanic and asked for him to sort this out and give the bike a good clean/oil. Chris and Tom's bikes needed far more extensive work. Anyway We Left the bikes in the shop then wandered back to the square and I started a spending spree - a Gibraltar t shirt and sticker, 5 mini speakers for the rave train, massive food shop in M&S, energy tablets in Holland and Barrett, and sorted currencies for Morocco and Ghana out at the Bureau de Change. I saw a Gibraltar football shirt in a shop that I should have bought earlier. We then went back to hostel to drop all the shopping off before collecting the bikes - we had to wait a while as the hostel owner had popped out and locked the door and Michelle had our only key. After a while Mark came back so we could get inside but not in our room so we chilled in his room for a bit before going to get bikes. Toms bill was over £100 - he was genuinely worried he didn't have enough money judging by his facial expression - thankfully he did have enough. When we got back we faffed around with Marks bike (Mark decided he would save bike shop fees and service his bike himself). Eventually the owner returned so we were able to put the M&S food in the fridge (the owner had locked the kitchen when he went out earlier). After eventually finding my wallet amongst my mess we went to the Pizza Hut buffet with 30 mins to spare. Michelle came and joined us shortly after we arrived. The buffet was rather disappointing (old pizza on table waiter not helpful only one glass of tap water per person). About an hour later at 75% full belly capacity me and Tom headed off to the rock (me and Tom chose to walk up, Chris and Mark opted for the cable car and Michelle opted not to go). I tried to withdraw money and failed. It was a long walk up rock - we were going the scenic route someone had given us. It was hard work but we got great views of the town below and we could just about make out Africa across the strait. We were continuously looking out for monkeys - we didn't see any until the top where one sitting on a ruin roof. Then slightly further along there were loads of them knocking about. Me and Tom had a massive photo and video session before walking a bit further along towards the cable car where there were even more monkeys. I found half a bottle of water at top that someone had left - just as well as it was very hot and the walk made us thirsty. We then came back to the main monkey bit and took more photos and did more filming. I Was getting very close to them and was filming when one jumped on my back. I jumped and it was off in a flash. We then decided to head back which involved walked down a long flight of stairs, my legs shaking as they were very tired - so much for a 'rest day'. At the bottom of stairs we came to the road back down to town. Eventually we got back to civilisation, got a 2 litre bottle of water and me and Tom drunk virtually all of it in about 5 mins. I tried to withdraw money again and it failed again. We got back to the hostel and there was loud music pumping out from the square -I told myself once I'd packed up for the morning would go and check it out. After packing/on my way out to the square the owner wanted payment for our room, so I went to another cashpoint to try and withdraw money, failed again. Then saw Michelle on the way back and told her this. She straight away figured out that it was because I withdrew £290 earlier and had the standard £300 daily withdraw limit - as I very rarely withdraw this amount of cash I didn't figure this out. Anyway Michelle was low on funds so couldn't borrow anything from her. Mark however had enough in his account so bailed me out. I would have been in trouble if he didn't have any money as owner would not accept bank transfer or payment early in the morning. With that finally sorted I went into the square with Mark to spend my last £8 or so on drink. Unfortunately despite it being a Saturday night it had died down and was nowhere near as booming as yesterday. So just had the one drink sitting outside in the square before going back and uploading photos. Photos took ages to upload as could only do 5 at a time and the Internet was pretty slow. I Fell asleep a few times during this and eventually went to bed at around 2.30am.

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