Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 23 - Copenhagen rest day

Didn't manage to get in time for a run before breakfast. Was still however the first up at 7am and succeeded on getting to breakfast at 7.30am. Spent the next 2 hours eating a silly amount of food. The others had joined me for the tail end of my 2 hour binge, and after this we got the bus into the city centre. We had arranged to meet Mark here (who had a day or two before us and was staying with a friend), and shortly after getting off the bus we were reunited. The 5 of us had a casual stroll through the city streets. From the amount of cyclists I saw yesterday I was half expecting it to be like Amsterdam but there were only a few cyclists knocking about. It was a beautiful city with clean streets and interesting architecture. I noticed a Lego shop and was very keen to go in. The others also liked the sound of this so in we went. It was very impressive inside - especially double-height bit at the front with a big lego dragon coming out of the wall, some life-size lego characters and a massive lego picture of the city. We spent a good half-hour here admiring everything and taking photos. We then split up - I wanted to get my ipad so me and Michelle went shopping for this whilst the others did their own thing. Michelle had previously worked for Apple and was doing a very good job of advising me what exactly to get. We couldn't find any Apple store so I ended up buying one from a high-street electrical shop. After several attempts with the card machine for the payment to go through it was accepted (I had just about enough funds in my bank account along with my Danish Krone cash to afford it). After a wander we met back up with the others at a very tall church and proceeded to climb the stairs to the top - so much for the 'rest day'. The panoramic city views were awesome so the stairs were worth it. We went and got coffee after this (me not being able to get anything having spent virtually all my money on the ipad). Me and Michelle then went for another wander/minced around the souvenir shops whilst the others went to Christiania. We enjoyed some street dancers performing before getting the bus back. I was now starting to get extremely hungry. When we got back I got out my remaining food (a sachet of instant mash potato I had been carrying for ages that Kinza had given me before she left) and went down to the kitchen area to cook this. Shortly later the others came down and to my delight had done a food shop and were going to cook a meal for the group. We enjoyed a tasty, large amount of spaghetti, chorizo and garlic bread before heading back up to the room and packing what we could before going to bed. Alarm was set for the start of the breakfast buffet.

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