Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 20 - Mjolby to Vaggeryd approx. 137 km

Succesfully woke up early as was determined to start pedalling at a reasonable hour. Had 2 bowls of muesli for breakfast. Was lucky that the disabled toilet was open so didn't have to poo in a bush. Chris and Tom were up and ready by a reasonable time, but Michelle was reluctant and slow so this held us up a bit. As we were getting ready to go the man who managed the hostel came and asked us if we'd like to come inside for some tea/coffee. I wanted to get going whilst Michelle wanted the tea and coffee. Chris and Tom weren't all that fussed. We ended up staying as it wasn't too late. The man was really friendly and we also got given some delightful biscuits which pleased me. We stayed for about an hour. Michelle was given a patch to stick on her bag as we were leaving. We finally left at 10.45. The man had told us there was a Lidl in town so we soon found this and stocked up/ate some food before starting the day's ride. It was a beautiful sunny day and the roads were awesome - definitely the best roads we had ridden in Sweden so far. Just before stopping for lunch we saw a fellow cycle tourer coming towards us on the other side of the road. We stopped for a chat. His name was Erwin - a young Italian guy cycling from Tarifa to Nordkapp on his own. He had a very attractive bike setup - Front and rear matching Ortlieb pannier bags with his '8000 mile' trip logo printed on each, with tent was neatly bungeed on the rear rack. Goodness knows what he must have thought of all my random items slagged under bungees on the Extrawheel. We chatted for a while - he told us about what we were likely to come across on our way to Tarifa and we told him to try and avoid the E4 on his way up to Nordkapp. After a good 30 minutes we wished each other well and carried on. about 10 minutes later we stopped for lunch at a really nice place with outside balcony area. I got out the Lidl food from earlier and found a socket to charge the iphone. I think the others may have bought something as well as getting their Lidl food out. After lunch the roads got even better and everyone was loving life. This continued for the reminder of the day until we got to our campsite at 9.30pm. The reception was closed so we stealthily sneaked over to a distant corner of the site and pitched up behind a caravan. This method of sneaking into campsites became known as a 'Wild Campsite'. The pitching had to be done with a buff over the face as flies were everywhere. It was a lovely campsite located by a lake. I had a wander around and found an unlocked garage/workshop area with power so charged up the iphone for a bit. Maybe 30 minutes later I walked back to the tent and went to bed with the alarm set early for a morning swim.

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