Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 25 - Maribo (Denmark) to Reinfeld (Germany)

I didn't get a very good night's sleep in the shower cubicle. There was enough space to lie down, but the light was on all the time. To make matters worse some clown decided to have a shower in the cubicle next to me at 5.15am. This resulted in a wet sleeping bag and mat. On the upside this did make me get up and get away nice and early. I didn't want to wait for the others so started pedalling away on my own letting them know I would meet them in Germany. I didn't know which way to go, but after pedalling around for a bit managed to find a free map outside a petrol station which helped. After locating the correct road out of Maribo it was straight forward getting to the port in Rodbyhavn. It was only about a 20km ride to the port and I was there at 9.45. I received a phonecall from Tom whist I was on the boat saying that they were on their way to the port. We arranged to meet at the port in Germany when they arrived. I was in Germany at about 10.30 and made a beeline for the nearest town where there would be a supermarket. 7km later I came across Niendorf where I was spoilt for choice. Lidl wasn't open yet as it was a Sunday, so I went and had some food in McDonalds to tide me over. After the McDonalds was consumed I made my way back to Lidl which was now open. I bought a predictably large amount of food and sat outside getting fat. It wasn't too long until I got the phonecall from the others so I made my way back to the port and found them easily. We set off pretty much straight away. The weather was great but progress wasn't due to slow cycle lanes. 3-4 hours later we stopped at Netto for a food session. I ended up buying a huge barrel of crisps - I saw it in the shop and couldn't resist. It contained more crisps than your standard multipack all packaged in one giant barrel-shaped container. Even with Chris's and everyone else's help there was still easily two thirds left after the food session. We already knew that we wouldn't make today's target destination with the slow cycle lanes so we didn't really rush to get pedalling again. As we went to set off I noticed a puncture on my Extrawheel, so there was a 20-minute delay fixing this. We agreed to cycle until at least 9pm in order to cover a respectable daily distance. The afternoon continued relatively slowly, wasn't very exciting and we didn't end up covering many miles. At about 8pm we stopped for food at a small shop and ended up getting an impromptu drink at the pub next door. We pedalled on for an hour or so after the drink when we found a sports field in suburbia and decided we'd pitch up here for the night. There was a sheltered area next to the field with various tables and stuff, so I set to work arranging the stuff to make a shelter to sleep in whilst the others put up their tents on the grass. In hindsight it probably would have been quicker for me to put my tent up too but building the shelter was more fun. Mark got his stove out and gave me some of his instant noodles which at the time tasted great. I told everyone that I'd wake them up at 6 tomorrow morning so we'd have a chance to get a few more miles under our belts to make up for today's disappointing distance before going to bed.

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