Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 22 - Markaryd (Sweden) to Copenhagen (Denmark) approx. 140km

I successfully woke up at 6 and was all packed up by 7. I had breakfast in the summerhouse whilst waiting for the others. Tom and Chris were up and ready by the agreed 7.30. Michelle was up late again and had to wait for her to get ready. We finally left at around 8.30. After a quick coffee/toilet break at the nearest place we made swift progress to the ferry port thanks to flat roads and easy navigating. It took a little while to find our ferry as it was a big port, but found our boat after maybe 20-30 minutes. We got our tickets and boarded the ferry easily and were across the water and into Denmark very quickly. After posing for a few photos by the 'Danmark' sign after getting off the ferry we started pedalling along a coastal road towards Copenhagen. It was a gorgeous hot and sunny day and there was a sandy beach running alongside us. We were all very keen to go on the beach so as soon as we got to the nearest shop we got some food and wheeled the bikes down to the sand. It felt like we were in a nice Mediterranean resort - it was very clean, really nice calm sea and lots of locals making the most of the nice weather. We mucked about in the water for a bit before chilling out on the beach and eventually heading off. Denmark continued to impress with delightful cycle paths - the best I had ever come across. Predictably there were loads of cyclists taking advantage of these - most of whom were sporting carbon fibre bikes and race lycra. There were a few faster groups overtaking us and Tom managed to keep up with one of these for a few hundred metres or so. Getting to our hostel in Copenhagen was pretty straight forward as thankfully we didn't have to contend with navigating the city centre. As we took our bikes over to the bike parking area Chris got chatting to a guy who was loving the Extrawheel, and was impressed when we showed him how it was held in position by tension. We checked in and found our room. It was what you'd expect from a standard cheap hostel with bunk beds and limited space - but good enough. There was only one plug socket in the room - this wasn't a problem as I had my multi-socket adapter, so everyones devices got a charge. I had the remains of some pesto from earlier for dinner. There was lots on the to-do list for tomorrow (clean bike, wash clothes, get an ipad), so not long after after my first shower since Stockholm I went to bed. The alarm set for 5.30am so that I could go for a run before the buffet breakfast at 7.30

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