Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 24 - Copenhagen to Maribo (approx. 145km)

Woke up at 7, and down for the 7.30 start of buffet breakfast again. Ended up staying here for 2 hours again eating far too much. The plan was to leave at 10am but too much bloated faffing meant we didn't start pedalling until 11. We met up with Mark (who continued staying with his friend last night) and had a coffee stop. We then started the day's cycle. Unfortunately it wasn't as nice as our introduction to Denmark yesterday, and as we got further out of Copenhagen and away from the coast the butter smooth cycle paths and sun were replaced by cloud, flies and mosquitoes. We were all getting frustrated with flies going into our eyes. Everyone apart from me was getting bitten by the mosquitoes too. These factors probably contributed to the decent pace we managed to set. I was very low on food and had no more Danish Krone to buy any more. This meant rationing what little I had left until we got to Germany tomorrow where I could dig into the Euros. The highlight of the day was crossing this massive, long old bridge that connected Zealand (the island that Copenhagen is on) to Falster (the next island to the south). Thankfully the mosquitoes and flies subsided as the evening came. We managed to get to our destination of Maribo (which we had nickamed 'The happy world of Maribo') at about 10.15. Somehow we got separated from Tom and Chris as we were searching for a campsite. After a few failed phonecalls we figured we'd meet up with them again in the morning. So me, Mark and Michelle found the campsite. I was reluctant as had no money. We got talking to some other campers and found out that it was rather expensive. Mark and Michelle didn't mind and started setting up. I refused and went into one of the shower cubicles (out of sight) and slept in there. I set my alarm early so that nobody would see me sneaking out in the morning.

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