Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 12 - Bjasta to Sundsvall 139km

Despite our best intentions we ended up leaving at around 11.30. This was partly due to me having a big curry for breakfast (a case of eating up what I had in my bag rather than what I necessarily fancied). It was a really nice start to the day and the mosquitoes from last night had disappeared making taking the tents down less painful. The others had not wanted any of my curry and had not eaten anything themselves yet, so we were on the lookout for food. After what must have been about 3 or 4km we saw a nice-looking restaurant. I wasn't really up for this but the others were keen so we went over for a closer look. It turned out to be a buffet that was reasonably priced and good quality food. It did seem good so I gave in, we locked the bikes up and we went inside for the feast. I knew as soon as I saw all this delicious food that I would end up eating far too much (there was a lot of fresh veg and fish/meat stews available). The restaurant was popular with the older generation, and had a really nice setting by a lake. We sat on a big table outside and got stuck in. Surely enough the food was delicious and everyone was loving it. We inevitably stayed there for a good few hours eating as much as we could squeeze into our bloated stomachs. We then proceeded to sneakily fill our empty pasta tupperware containers that I had saved over the last few days with food for the buffet for later. This became known as 'The Lunchbox Buffet'. I had to let the food settle before I could do any cycling so had lie down on the grass. I remember the others laughing and a few new potatoes were thrown towards me. Then someone spotted a couple of pedalo's by the side of the lake and everyone else was keen. This suited me because it gave me a longer lie down. After quite a lengthy pedalo session everyone agreed to leave. I was still very bloated but could actually manage to walk normally now and would be able to ride. We finally got going at around 2.30. Awful. The first few hours were bloated cycling down the E4 which was grim. The only advantage was when the others needed to stop for food I could carry on. Eventually the bloatedness subsided and the late afternoon was an enjoyable ride. We stopped with about 60km to go at a supermarket and had a food session in the evening. I rode with the girls for this final section of the day. We finally got our campsite in the large town of Sundsvall at about midnight after a few navigational delays. Of course everyone had gone to bed so the reception was shut and the place deserted. The campsite was in a nice setting by the water and we found Mark, Chris and Tom easily enough by the waters' edge. They had set up their tents and were about to go to sleep. I couldn't be bothered to faf about with the tent at this stage, so had a walk around the campsite to look for somewhere to sleep. I was in luck - there was an empty little self-contained cabin nearby with bedroom and kitchen/dining area. It was undergoing refurbishment work so I set my alarm for about 7am so I would be able to get out before the builders arrived in the morning. The girls came in for a well-needed food session (they had the lunchbox buffet from earlier for dinner whilst I had this morning's leftover breakfast curry). We also shared a baguette that I toasted under the grill. After the food I set myself up in the bedroom, charging my devices via a double socket next to the bed. Kinza wanted to charge her garmin watch but there wasn't any free sockets in the room with me so she left it charging in the kitchen area. The girls left to set up their tent and I locked my bedroom door behind me before going to sleep.

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