Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 28 - Industrial estate bad ground camp to roadside camp behind bushes

I was woken up at about 5am by gardeners working close by with lawnmowers/strimmers. I stayed in the tent for another 45 minutes before getting up and looking around for a toilet. Luckily there was a portaloo in a building site over the road. The builders hadn't shown up yet so I found a gap in the fence and went in to do my business. Chris and Tom were reluctant to get up as it had been a poor nights' sleep on the uneven grass, but even so we managed to get away at 7.40am - the earliest yet! It was a fairly dull day for the best part and we were all very tired - definitely a case of getting the miles done and dusted rather than enjoying the views. I remember having a petrol station hot dog for lunch and losing Chris and Tom at one point when I went on the road and they went on a cycle path. The rural roads towards the end of the day were really good and we planned to camp when we reached the next town. We got to the town at about 9pm but couldn't find anywhere for camping, so we pushed on. It got to 10pm and still there was nowhere suitable - we were starting to get a little concerned, especially as we were now heading up a hill into woodland. Thankfully the woodland didn't last too long and we reached a small town at about 10.45pm. There were signs for a campsite so we followed these, only to be presented with a large gravel car park with a few caravans. We had to put up the tents quietly on a patch of grass by the side of the road semi-hidden by a small bush within very close proximity to some houses. Chris was in his tent snoring away by the time I had put my tent up. I had a very quick snack before going to sleep at 11.30pm.

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