Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 18 - Stockholm to Nykoping

We were typically late waking up/getting ready. This was not helped by Michelle not being able to find her helmet. She had left it somewhere outside (I think with her bike) last night but there was no sign of it anywhere this morning. We eventually came to the conclusion that somebody must have pinched it and set off very late. We headed back to the bike shop we were at yesterday with Kinza to get Michelle a new helmet. I had stopped off at a supermarket en-route and had bought a 2-litre tub of ice cream. I was working my way through this whilst Michelle was helmet shopping. I had left our pedal spanner at the shop yesterday - the mechanic had this with the shop tools so I gratefully took this back. After an expensive helmet purchase we started the day's ride. It didn't take long before we got separated - Chris and Tom had gone off ahead as usual leaving me and Michelle somewhere behind. Eventually we managed to meet up at a McDonalds on the outskirts of the city. We parked our bikes outside and went in. We were sitting down eating when Chris noticed few pigeons pecking away at a bread roll that I had slagged in a plastic bag on my pannier rack. Of course the others found this hilarious whilst I rushed outside to salvage what I could of the roll. The weather was now starting to improve (cloudy/some rain earlier) and we managed to get back onto our planned route without too many navigational issues, and the rest of the day was drama-free and on nice roads. We ended up pedalling until pretty late to get somewhere near our target destination. Thankfully after our second time of asking we were able to camp in somebody's back garden. We were shown around the back of some outbuildings on an area of grass that was suitable for pitching the tents. We cracked on with this straight away and were tucked up in the sleeping bags soon after, had some food and went to sleep.

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