Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 21 - Vaggeryd to Markaryd approx. 123km

Failed to get up in time for the morning swim. We ended up paying for the campsite (it would have been bad Karma not to). As it was expensive we told the owner there was only one tent rather than 4 otherwise wouldn't have had enough money. After a wake-up shower we hit the road mid morning and did what was now becoming the routine of the Lidl shop/food session almost straight away. I remember taking some photos of a nice Volvo estate that was parked over the road from Lidl (with us being in Sweden there were loads of them everywhere). The roads were great which meant swift progress. One particularly memorable moment from the day was seeing Chris and Tom doing the KFC rap (something they had come up with during the endless hours they had spent pedalling together the previous weeks). This was performed in a petrol station forecourt with thankfully only the odd person around. Whilst we were inside the petrol station eating we met a guy called Bo Sandburg - another friendly Swedish bloke who was very interested in what we were doing. He was a keen cyclist and showed us his bike - it was designed for comfort rather than speed or touring but cool to see none-the-less. The afternoon continued to treat us with great not-too-hilly roads and continued to make good progress. We got to our destination town of Markaryd before the campsite had closed (the first time we had managed this in ages). The local supermarket was open so we got the food shop out of the way now to save time in the morning. The campsite was far too expensive so we had a quick look around the immediate surrounding area for potential wild-camping spots - there wasn't anywhere suitable. There were lots of houses around so decided we'd try and sleep in someones garden. Tom and Michelle (the most innocent looking ones as we were going for the sympathy vote) knocked on someones door asking about pitching up in their garden. Thankfully this worked and we were shown around the back and pitched up next to a trampoline and summer house. Chris had bought some beers so we had these as a toast to it being our last day in Sweden. We then went to bed agreeing to leave at 7.30am.

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