Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 1 (first full day) - Nordkapp to Rusennes (approx. 125km)

Woke up at around 6am felt fairly tired. Had a wander around the car park and surrounding area we were camping in - it was another beautiful warm and sunny day). Then had a bit of pasta and a few other things leftover from yesterday's massive day-long eating session. I then set to work on slaggily arranging all my stuff on the bike with cable-tie's and bungee's. This was horrendously long even by my standards and even though I woke up a good hour before everyone else by the time I had arranged everything to my satisfaction everyone else bar Tom (who kindly waited with me) had left an hour and a half ago. So I eventually set off at around midday and the bike although still carrying the same weight was a bit easier to ride due to the weight being better distributed. After a fair few stops to adjust bungees and make some slaggy bits of packing a bit more secure me and Tom finally made it to Honnigsvag and the supermarket to meet the others. They were of course wanting to leave by the time me and Tom arrived so we had 10 minutes to quickly buy what we needed. I bought an ice cream and pack of biscuits and wanted minimal additional weight. So after shovelling down the ice cream we made our way towards Rusennes (our destination for the end of e day). En route were a selection of tunnels including the infamous Nordkapp tunnel with it's massive descent followed by massive ascent. The descent was horrible as I'd opted not to put anything on over the tank top I was wearing so got very cold. On top of that my brakes were making a horrible grinding noise virtually the whole way down (I was having to squeeze the brakes the whole time due to the severity of the decline). I was glad to see the lowest point of the tunnel and loved the challenge of cycling up the other side (definitely the longest continuous climb I'd ever done) especially with the weight I was carrying. We all met up at the end of the tunnel and carried on through more breathtaking scenery eventually making it to our campsite at Rusennes. I was knackered and realised even with Chris's reduced daily mile ages this was gonna be really testing. I was looking forward to Wi-fi and a meal but instead had to make do with a pack of Oreos for dinner as the cafe had closed by the time we got there and no free Wi-fi. It was here that we realised that Norway was going to be financially as we'll as physically challenging (we had to fork out 80 krone each for camping plus 10 krone for the shower) as we were hoping to spend around 120 krone per day. After my poor dinner I went to bed. Highlights: Cycling up The Nordkapp tunnel, the scenery

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